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Nous Engineering is an innovative Structural Engineering firm based in Los Angeles. Since our founding in 2012, Nous has built a talented core group of engineers, designers and modelers; all of whom take great care when evaluating the design, constructability and value of our work for our clients. We employ the latest collaboration tools, BIM platforms and advanced analytical software. Our capabilities allow us to manage complex projects - large or small - and to develop and execute actual design solutions.

At our core is a collective passion for the work we do, a genuine pride in the quality of the work we deliver, and a persistent drive to make a positive impact on our industry and the world. Nous’ principals are lecturers, professors and advisers at progressive universities and architectural institutions including the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Woodbury University in Los Angeles, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UCLA, USC and other venues of forward thinking research in art, science, engineering and design.

Core Services

Structural Engineering | Preliminary Design Consulting | Complex Geometry & Simulation | Construction Support | Fabrication Consulting | Material Research | Seismic Risk Assessment | Non-Ductile Concrete, Unreinforced Masonry (URM) & Seismic Retrofits | Historic Preservation | Adaptive Reuse | 3D Laser Scanning & As-built Modeling

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Our Practice

Art & Special Structures

Bringing creativity to structural design is at the heart of all Nous projects. Art and Special Structures projects are unique by their nature, often forcing thinking into new terrain where we are required to test for properties of unfamiliar materials and adapt uncommon fabrication or construction methods. The engineering and structural form often heavily influences design outcomes. The knowledge and required out-of-the box thinking developed from these unique projects transfers directly to the rest of our practice. Since our founding, we have always shown interest in taking on engineering challenges. We continue to invest and develop the expertise needed to tackle complex and unique projects.     


The civic building type stands out as giving a strong sense of purpose and place in the community. While projects of this nature often strive for ambitious feats of architecture, the funding is often uncertain and limited. To deal with common value engineering or project expansion challenges, a committed design team, when entrusted by a client, will excel. Nous is humbled to have had the good fortune to work with many inspiring organizations including, City of Hope, Equal Justice Initiative and Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, on projects that make a much needed and lasting contribution to their communities.


Our Principals have a wide breadth of expertise in commercial construction type, size and delivery schedules. We have established ourselves as capable of collaborating on and executing complex projects from concept phase through construction. More than most other project types, we understand how the ‘bottom line’ is generally the first thing on the mind of owners and developers. We also understand that “value” is not the same thing as “lowest cost”, particularly when creating appealing spaces for high-end tenants. We make it a priority to help designer/developer teams understand the cost-benefit of decisions affecting structure and construction. This commitment is true during the design phase as much as it is during construction. At Nous we know collaboration through the construction phase is no less important than design coordination.


Nous has experience with the full range of residential project types including high-end custom homes, spec homes, stacked multifamily, and owner occupied. For nearly all of these projects, a thorough understanding of wood framing is essential. However, we also find concrete and steel construction inevitably work their way into projects with more complex organization, hillside conditions and/or a podium. We provide engineering services for temporary shoring, site walls, primary structure, design of decorative cladding systems, miscellaneous site structures, add-ons and extensions, and retrofits. 

International & Developing Communities

Our Principals previous experience working on international projects has opened the door for a variety of projects across the globe including England, China, and Africa.  

Nous has provided engineering support on several exemplary new facilities in under-served developing communities. These projects require a return to basics where raw materials are limited, budgets are minimal and experienced tradesmen are far and few between. A renewed commitment to good design coupled with supportive partnerships can produce beautiful works of architecture and foster a sense of dignity in people whose communities suffer from conflict, poverty and neglect.

Historic Rehabilitation

Nous engineering has worked with historians and designers to provide structural assessments, voluntary seismic upgrades and full retrofits on several projects with historic importance. Work includes projects designed by Paul Williams, Frederick Emmons for A. Quincy Jones, Richard Neutra, Craig Elwood, Rudolf Schindler, and John Lautner.

Seismic Rehabilitation

Recent earthquakes throughout the world remind us of the wide ranging and substantial risks associated with older buildings or poor construction standards. Nous has worked with architects, developers and owners, to upgrade structures to safely withstand strong ground motions. From the voluntary retrofit of existing unreinforced masonry buildings to evaluations, risk assessments, and advanced analysis of historic steel and concrete frame buildings, we’ve worked to help our clients understand associated risks and work toward mitigating seismic deficiencies within their buildings. In applying the performance-based design approach document, ASCE 41 - Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings, we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of clients and limit the cost.