Nous Engineering

New Redemption Hospital

Caldwell, Liberia

Liberia’s long civil war left the health care service delivery system fragmented and damaged, and heavily dependent on international donors. Liberia has taken bold steps to transition from an emergency relief model of health delivery to a functioning, decentralized health system. The initial proposed 145 bed pediatric facility for the existing Redemption Hospital site in New Kru Town, was at the epicenter of the EVD outbreak in Liberia. The outbreak unmasked the inherent weaknesses in Liberia’s health system which in part facilitated the spread of the outbreak.

Because of numerous constraints on the existing Redemption campus, it was decided that it would be strategic to invest in the development of a new Redemption Hospital in a nearby community rather than in new construction at the existing campus.

As part of Clinton Health Access Initiative, with sponsorship by the World Bank, MASS Design Group and Nous Engineering have worked to implement health infrastructure in the country following Ebola. The first phase of rebuilding includes the New Redemption Hospital on the 40 acre Caldwell Campus. The site will be a new teaching hospital, which is also intended to be a leader and referral center for pediatrics and women's health in the country.


CLIENT | World Bank Ebola Emergency Response Project and Ministry of Health, Liberia

LOCATION | Caldwell, Liberia


STAFF LEAD | Elizabeth Mahlow, PE

DURATION | Construction in Progress

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